Engineered for Health

Greenway® products are carefully researched, designed and manufactured with our customers’ well-being in mind.

Greenway® Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

Greenway® Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems are available in a variety of flow rates and designs, including easy-to-install rack systems.

Greenway® UV lamps

Greenway® UV lamps have color coded bases for easy differentiation, in addition we carry other types of aftermarket UV lamps. 

Safe water is required at every age

Contaminted water used in food preparation can be the source of foodborne illnesses

Itis important to have clean safe water to wash dishes, brush your teeth, wash and prepare food, or make ice.


About GWT

We provide  innovative, flexible and custom water solutions to the wholesale plumbing, OEM and light commercial/industrial channels in North America.
At Greenway Water Technologies, we believe that understanding our  customer’s needs requires focus and dedication. We also believe that in this era of innovation, technology and speed, there is no substitute for great  people and personal service. More....

GWT Innovation

Greenway offers an extensive line of point of entry, point of use and  specialty water treatment products. Strong partnerships with world class  research facilities and universities further enhance our ability to evaluate,  validate and commercialize existing and emerging technologies into products  that provide performance, value and excitement to water treatment  professionals.

Through our disciplined  research, development and compliance process, we understand the growing  regulatory requirements and are proud to offer our customers independent  certifications including CSA, UL, NSF, WQA and EnergyStar on many of our  products. Please contact Greenway Water Technologies for up to date list of products certified to applicable NSF, WQA, CSA and/or Energy Star standards.

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