We strive to provide unique products to our Customers

GWT offers an extensive line of point of entry, point of use and specialty water treatment products. An innovative and experienced engineering and design team in combination with strong partnerships with world-class research and testing facilities and Universities further enhance our ability to design, evaluate and commercialize existing and emerging new technologies into products. Unique products provide performance, value and excitement to the water treatment market in general. Through our disciplined research, development and compliance process we understand the growing regulatory requirements. We are proud to offer our customers independent certifications including CSA, UL, NSF, WQA and EnergyStar on many of our products. Please contact Greenway Water Technologies for up to date list of products certified to applicable NSF, WQA, CSA and/or Energy Star standards.

Our slogan ‘Engineered for Health, Designed for Life’ is a motto we perform to. Health is valuable resource for everyone, it is irreplaceable.  This approach leads our decision making in the development of new products for our customers. In addition, we work to design the products so that they may be consumer friendly and easy to use.

As the thirst for high efficiency and “green” water treatment solutions continue, we remain committed to developing innovative, performance based water treatment products that are good for the environment and meet our customers’ needs.

At GWT, we continually gather ideas, suggestions, feedback and thoughts from our Customers. This valuable information provides the basis of the “next generation” of product development. We are receptive to any new product concepts and encourage our Customers to bring it to our attention at any point. If you have any new product ideas, or ways to make our product better, please contact us at, we consider you part of our product development and innovation team.

Our Customers are part of our Innovation team at GWT