Backwash Filters | Advance Series

The Greenway Advance Series Backwash Filters are specifically designed to effectively and efficiently treat a multitude of water problems. Backwashing filters are ideal for low yielding wells, yet highly effective in removing unwanted minerals from the well water. With an advanced programmable controller, water treatment systems can be custom configured to meet the specific needs of any household while minimizing water consumption.

  • Great for low yielding wells — less draw down
  • Automatically meters water usage
  • Regenerates by both Time Clock and Meter (gallonage)
  • Self-cleaning distributor — more effective backwashing
  • Modular design — easy to service
  • Advanced control — easy to operate
  • View Diagnostic and History Data
  •            - days since regeneration
               - gallons used since regeneration
               - daily water usage
               - current flow rate
               - peak flow rate
               - total gallons used since start up
               - total number of regen. since start up
               - total days in service

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