Retrofit Kits

The Greenway UV Retrofit Kit easily converts an existing UV System to a Greenway UV System. The Kit includes a Greenway Ballast, Greenway color coded long life lamp, and VuCap. The VuCap provides immediate visual feedback that the UV lamp is on. It is a cost effective way to upgrade your UV System for future savings with Greenway lamp and quartz sleeve changes.


  • 99.99% destruction of bacteria (such as Ecoli), viruses and protozoan cysts (Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia)
  • No chemicals added to water nad no water chemistry changes
  • Lamp failure alarm and lamp replacement reminder with 7 segement LEG countdown display
  • Low maintenance and easy servicing
  • Hard glass, long life UV lmap for consistent maximum UV output over entire lamp life
  • Range of sizes to meet flow rate requirements
  • Electronic controller with universal AC input*, constant lamp current and low power consumption
  • Greenway VuCap one every system

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